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Simple Effective Temperature Screening

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Fever Detection & Alarm

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6 reviews for Fever Defense Unit

  1. Martin Leonard – Safety DIrector – Ballymore Group

    Ballymore installed the Xenon infrared temperature monitor in all of our offices and sites in Ireland, this has helped us keep our contracting partners and staff safe in this current climate. The installation is simple and the nature of the monitors allow for relocation and setting up in different locations with ease and the confidence that it will continue to function as designed. The monitors are the first line of defense in keeping Covid-19 from getting onto our sites and don’t cause any undue delays in ensuring staff can access the projects and offices. We are happy to have Xenon Fever Defense monitors in use and will be rolling out their installation on upcoming projects.

  2. Liam – Divisional Director – Aramark

    The unit as Xenon had described it is “Plug and Play” and its a very simple and effective piece of kit. We have located it initially in our security lobby as we have a good throughput of contractors in attendance on a daily basis. We really didn’t have to ask anyone to check their own temperature, they all use it now as a matter of course as it gives them comfort knowing that they don’t have a temperature and they can go home to their families with peace of mind. All in all we are extremely happy with this kit.

  3. James – Hillview Nursing Home

    We are using our Fever Defence unit in a number of different locations in the nursing home to test staff and visitors’ temperatures, and everyone has been very pleased with it so far. Being able to plug it in wherever it is required has been really useful. It gives everyone some additional reassurance – both staff and visitors – that we’re doing absolutely everything we can to protect ourselves against the risk of COVID-19.

  4. Professor Caitriona Ryan – Institute of Dermatologists

    Fever Defence has been a great addition to our practice. It’s modern, high-technological design compliments our state of the art interior and the voice control alerts all patients to temperature screened before entering the premises…. It has greatly reduced our Covid-19 screening process time. The technology has allowed our team to ensure all patients are not febrile at the point of entry to the Institute in a timely and efficient way without human contact. This greatly reduces the risk of an infected visitor entering the premises. It is also very reassuring to our patients.

  5. Rea Group

    With the help of Fever Defence, staff and clients have been able to enter the premises safely. It has enabled us to put a one-way system in place for the office to ensure that everyone has had their temperature checked before entering. As we have many different clients coming through our offices every week, we need to be as vigilant as possible, and the Fever Defence device has helped with this, and has given our staff and clients great peace of mind.

  6. St Oliver Plunketts School

    Fever Defense for us, is an extra layer of protection. It is reassurance to our staff and wider school community that we are doing everything we can to look after them. The device is also very suitable for the school as it is non-invasive, and quick and easy to use – making it very child-friendly.

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